Driver Station is Freezing

Whenever the driver station is opened, it immediately freezes. I can’t press any buttons but the battery percentage light still fluctuates. This occurred when I tried to run a labview simulation on my laptop and not with the robot, if that helps.

I saw this just this evening, and it has been described before on CD. The typical cause is that McAfee firewall is running and this interferes with the mDNS discovery of the roboRIO. It delays the protocol by tens of seconds, and that causes the UI button on the DS to be blocked until the mDNS gets through.

We turned off the firewall and the laptop started working immediately.

Greg McKaskle

I had the exact same problem when I first installed the 2015 driver station. When it was installing, there were errors and it said that the driver station was not installed, but when I checked my programs, the driver station program was there. But whenever I ran it, it just froze, and I had to use task manager to close it, because the exit button wouldn’t work. I was reading on it and saw the solution with the firewall, but I didn’t even have McAfee installed. The way that I solved the problem was by going to the add/remove programs control panel, selecting “National Instruments Software” in the list, and and clicking “uninstall/change”. It then gave me options to modify, uninstall or repair the software; I selected the driver station in the list and clicked the “repair” option, and selected the installer folder when prompted to. After the repair was complete, the driver station worked normally.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I have seen it freeze on a couple of different computers The consensus is that its when its trying to resolve the robot’s address via mDNS. Try connecting it to the robot (wireless, wired Ethernet, or USB) before running the driver’s station and see if that helps.

This may or may not be related, but I get really weird window size issues with the driver station. It is a weird intermittent problem, but I can get it to happen by switching from window mode to docked mode, and then back to window mode. After this, you can make the driver station window bigger, which causes the controls to become unresponsive. Randomly, the DS window gets much, much bigger (more than full screen on the laptop), and is unresponsive to the original controls when the robot is enabled. I can see some of the debugging front panel stuff that’s supposed to be hidden when this happens, which lets me switch tabs, but I cannot find a way to enable/disable the robot when the DS looks like this.