Driver Station lag, caused by -40087 error?


My team is using 10 black Jaguar motor controllers to power 10 motors. When we set our code at startup and try to run the robot wirelessly through the driver station, it’s very laggy.

We are using 100% CAN and an error in the driver station keeps coming up as:
-44087 occured at
FRC:JaguarCANDriver timed out waiting to receive a response from a Jaguar

The number (“19”) is different sometimes. Sometimes 22, sometimes 24, etc.

Is anyone else having this error? Or know how to fix it?

This error is caused by a CAN timeout. Check all of your cabling and termination. Make sure you do not have multiple CAN nodes with the same ID’s. If you are using the 2CAN check the web dash for CAN errors.

Also make sure you are not trying to communicate to a Jag that is not on the BUS.

We had this issue when our programming team was referencing a jaguar ID that did not exist in the loop, therefore the CAN bus becomes overloaded and causes you to have 1-2 second drive delays.

How are you interfacing with CAN?

2CAN, or RS-232?

If you’re using RS-232, which is the serial cable that plugs into the cRIO, then I found that you have a limit of about 4 to 5 motors before it gets overloaded.

2CAN should be good to go though and not overload.