Driver Station Laptop Randomly Disconnects From Robot

Our new driver station laptop randomly disconnects from the robot for a second and then reconnects. This causes the robot to go to disabled mode briefly. We believe it’s a laptop/windows issue because our old laptop does not have these issues.
When we connect to the robot’s wifi and select do not automatically connect, it will still automatically connect to the network. Additionally, sometimes it will repeatedly switch between the robot’s wifi and the school internet. I reset the network settings and that did not resolve the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this?

We are thinking that if we tether it would be fine, but we are yet to test that.

Definitely test using a wired/tethered connection. I’d expect it definitely doesnt recur with a USB connection, but might with tethered ethernet, depending on root cause.

As for things to check…

  1. Ensure your Windows Firewall is disabled (all 3 profiles)
  2. Ensure theres no other VPN/anti-malware/etc software installed (new PCs often come with a McAfee trial for example)
  3. Disable all other network interfaces

Look also for any background tasks that may be automatically checking the network connection for software updates, etc.

Make sure the laptop doesn’t have ANY auto connect WiFis. Windows really wants an Internet connection and will try other networks to “help you”.

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Autodesk software tends to do this

Were you able to solve your problem? We are seeing similar issues with our driver’s station computer all of a sudden (since installation of FRC Game Tools 23.1). I’m going to try some of the other suggestions in this thread to see if they might help.

We attempted to disable unnecessary stuff, but it didn’t work, so we are using an older laptop that does work.

I believe that the original laptop would work at comps because it would be through ethernet rather than on wifi.

I was thinking the same thing but we had the same issues when plugged into the radio this past weekend at our competition. We switched to a different laptop for the competition.

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