Driver station missing VIs

Our driver station automatically comes up in the Driver acount.
And the Driver Station software is missing two sub-VIs: Read from FRC and Write to FRC

How can I stop the automatic log in to the Driver account?
Where are two missing VIs?

The automatic login is bypassed by holding shift while booting. It seems more likely that those VIs are broken by the missing nicyapi.dll. This may have to do with the order of updates. We have a few reports of this and we are looking into it. Someone else on the forums may already have a solution. My advice if you can’t find anything else would be to use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall the Driver Station from the National Instruments section, and then reinstall.

Greg McKaskle

I found that when you are in the DS mode, if you hold CTL,ALT,DEL, you will exit to Windows.

Note that feature changed a bit between when the laptop image was prepared and the current update. The laptop version expected teams to use Ctl-Alt-Del. The updated version has an exit button on the setup tab.

Greg McKaskle

You are right.
The nicyapi.dll is the missing dll.

Here’s NI’s answer to this missing file:

We downloaded the .dll and that fixed our problem.
Thanks to everyone.