Driver Station Not Auto Loading SmartDashboard or Shuffleboard Bug


We have the driver station installed and when we try to select SmartDashboard or ShuffleBoard as the dashboard type, nothing starts. We can manually start them from the wpilib ools directory.

I think I found the bug, but if someone has a better answer, I would love to hear it. When the DriverStation.exe tries to load “java.exe -jar” it does not put the path of SmartDashboard and ShuffleBoard in quotes, so if your computer’s username has spaces in it, it fails to load. (Our username is “Team XXXX Admin”) If you put quotes around the path, it works. What is the right way to report this possible bug / solution?

I verified my solution by changing the DashboardCmdLine to one with quotes and it works. (The non-quoted version does not work.)

It doesn’t work. We tried to put quotes around the path but the shuffleboard still didn’t show up. Any other solutions?

Make sure you don’t have Java 9 installed.

We don’t have Java 9 installed. We also have Eclipse on our computer with the code. There were a couple of posts regarding SmartDashboard, and we tried to configure it by changing it to the Shuffleboard.jar, but it still doesn’t work.

Any more solutions?

We had a similar problem with the smart dashboard we had to put the path to the java.exe so our enrty for the DashboardCmdLine is something like this:
“”<path to java.exe>" -jar “<path to SmartDashboard.jar>”"

Here is what ours is as an example:
““C”\ProgramData\Orcale\Java\javapath\java.exe” -jar “C:\Users\Public\wpilib\ ools\SmartDashboard.jar”"

Sorry for the delay in responding.

So, to be more specific, we edited the “FRC DS Data Storage.ini” in “C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\FRC” and changed the DashboardCmdLine to read:

(Please note the quotes and the double slashes. Replace “Login Name” with your windows username.)

DashboardCmdLine = “java -jar “C:\Users\Login Name\wpilib\ ools\Shuffleboard.jar””

That seems to work, but we are still having problems with Shuffleboard not loading our saved layouts and we are still not sure why it does not.

Make sure you’re using the most recent version of shuffleboard

Thanks. The update helped. I think I found our other issue. We changed the default tile size to 16. Anything saved with that will not load. Once we changed the default to 32 and created a new board and saved, that then could be saved and reloaded. Another bug they need to check out.

Anyone having issues with the sendable chooser not populating in shuffleboard?

What programming language are you using? How are you sending the chooser?