Driver station not connecting to roborio

Today, our driver station stopped connecting to the robot. It won’t connect through wifi, USB, or ethernet. However, it’s working with everything else. VS Code will deploy code onto the Roborio, Phoenix Tuner recognizes the Roborio and our CAN devices, and the Roborio imaging tool will recognize our Roborio as well.

The Roborio has been imaged and the radio has been programmed, and we’ve been able to communicate with the robot just fine until today. The only thing we’ve done since it stopped communicating with our robot is add some code that prevented the robot from driving unless we’re pushing Joystickbutton 2.

Another team we’re in contact with is having a similar problem, and we have no idea how to fix it. Something else we noticed is the driver station keeps outputting this error: “ERROR - 44019 FRC: the mDNS service is slow to respond. Check firewall settings.”

Does anyone know what our issue might be and how to resolve it?

Make sure all your firewalls are off. Some antimalware software also blocks the ports the DS uses.

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I definitely recommend starting with Peter’s suggestion.

You can find more troubleshooting steps here: Unable to Connect to roboRIO in Driver Station, Imaging Tool or LabVIEW

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I disabled all firewalls and antivirus on the computer and still got the same problem. I might’ve missed one though so I’ll double check tomorrow. I forgot to mention this but I also tried reinstalling the driver station and still had the same issue.

I don’t have access to the computer right now, but do you know what I’d do if my firewalls are all disabled?

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You can try to disable all other network adapter not used to communicate with the robot. (So only keep wifi as example)

There has been instances where the Driver Station “locks up” to the wrong adapter, the loopback device created by this year radio programming tool being a common culprit.

Turns out the issue was the team number wasn’t set on the driver station. I’m not sure how it was changed since the robot’s been working, but I’m just glad it’s fixed.

Thanks for your help everyone!

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For the benefit of people in the future who might be seeing this thread and dealing with the same problem, the most common causes in our experience are:

  1. Your team number is not set in the driver station (or was lost)
  2. Firewall settings - if Windows pops up dialogs asking about whether to allow the app to connect, always hit YES
  3. WiFi settings - if Windows asks whether to treat this network like a public or private one, select private
  4. Another computer has a driver station running that is already connected to the robot. Make sure they quit/disconnect the WiFi.
  5. Your code has started up on the RoboRio, but immediately crashed. Sometimes this happens silently. For example, if you attempt to initialize a NavX IMU and there isn’t one connected to your Rio, you’ll get a silent and mysterious crash.

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