Driver Station not displaying Battery Voltage

Has anyone had trouble with getting the battery voltage to show up in the Driver Station?

I have installed the jumper on the Analog Bumper in position 8, but am still getting no display in the DS.

I put a jumper on position 1, just to try it and the indicator in the Dashboard shows it is there, so I know the IO is being read.

We’re stumped. Any ideas?

Answering my own question:

After some digging, I found out my mistake.

The jumper goes on the 3-pin DIP header at the end of the Analog Breakout, not on the input pins for Input 8. I’ll have to try it when I get back to the school to confirm, but I’m pretty certain this will solve my problem. Well at least THAT problem.

I should have just walked over to last year’s robot and looked at it!

FRC Control System Data Sheets (Page 11)

That was going to be my advice … to NOT install the jumper on the input pins of the breakout … but on 2 of those 3 pins in the upper corner of the board.

I’m also not near my 'bot, so I’m not sure which 2 … but once you short them with the jumper, then you shouldn’t wire anything up to input 8 on that breakout.

It’s the outer two pins on the Analog Breakout in the first module slot that need a jumper.
But you’ll see that from last year’s robot.

Can someone send me a picture of the jumper? I can’t find one.

Look at the bottom of Page 14 of the Kit of Parts Checklist. It’s a tiny thing, somewhat less than a quarter inch square.

Also, if you’ve ever configured a computer hard drive, it’s just like the jumper that sets master/slave settings.

There was a plastic bag in the KOP with a few of them. This year’s were white, in the past they have been black, but the color doesn’t matter. If you can’t find them, Radio Shack used to sell a package of them as well.

In an emergency, you could clip an end off a PWM cable and strip two of the wires (Center and one end) and twist them together to do the same thing.

Here is a picture of 2 jumpers on a board (not a FIRST board, just a random Google search)](

I just circled one of the jumpers (and the pin next to it), if that helps at all.