Driver station not saving logs

I was CSAing an event this past weekend and there were two teams who had no logs. I tried running as admin, and making the Log Files folder, but neither helped. I suspect it was a permissions issue, but I can’t be certain and I do not have physical access to their laptops anymore.

Has anyone seen this before? If so what was the root cause?

I’ve seen it with school administered laptops.
The cases I saw have been permissions or because the laptops were setup to go to a public documents folder on a school network that was unavailable at competition.

I have also had to search for the .dslog files before. So sometimes the are on the laptop but not in the normal location. Pretty rare, but it happens.

Greg McKaskle

Is there a way to change the save path of the ds logs? I didn’t see an obvious path in the program files\FRC DS\driverstation.ini (or whatever it is called exactly).