Driver station not showing screen

Our teams driver station is missing a critical piece. When we first got the driver station the driver login screen had a bottom portion and a top portion. Now (after the mandatory DS update) the screen only has the bottom portion which controls the actual robot itself, not the camera. We have been trying to get a live feed back from the robot but without the top portion which supplies the screen, we have hit a wall. Suggestions, anyone?

On the bottom piece, go to the Setup tab.

Make sure Local Dashboard is clicked (not remote).

hate to hijack the thread but we have the same problem. Not showing the dashboard portion. We have control of the robot w/ the drivers station and we did the update tonight and lost the upper piece. Local dashboard IS selected.

We have the dashboard back… kind of. In reading other posts it seems that the dashboard should look different after the update? Ours look the same, although the drivers station (bottom part) is different.

Go to c:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard and delete the Dashboard files there.
Then run the Driver station installer again.

I downloaded the dashboard update. but it’s password protected. can anyone tell me what that password is? lol.


We have been having the same problem for a few weeks. We are set to local dashboard, have re-downloaded the dashboard multiple times, but it still is not showing up in the Driver user.

Does your dashboard work now? And if so, how did you fix it? By following the instructions above?

Yeah I am having that same problem. I have used the Restoration USB drive that came with the kit and restored the laptop so I could get that top portion of the driver station. I got it to come back, and then I loaded my code and it disappeared…again. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

We used the restoration key to reset the classmate and reinstalled the driverstation and dashboard and it works now. Don’t know how much help this is to anyone…