Driver Station not working on Developer account

So we’re having some issues with the driver station, we are using the classmate laptop that FIRST provided. When we load the code, the driver station on the developer’s account says that it sees the robot (the robot light turns green), however it keeps saying that there’s no communication. When we switch to the Driver account, the communication light turns green and says the code’s loaded. On a side note, it keeps saying “watchdog not fed” no matter what the code is and it hasn’t had this problem since the driver station problem started.

Are you possibly fast-user-switching? The current DS doesn’t prevent running a second copy, and when that happens there are two DSes talking to the robot – very confusing. Until a new update deals with this, be sure to exit the driver account before logging into developer.

If that doesn’t explain the symptom, you may want to try rebooting one or the other – the DS or the robot, to try to correct it. If you can reboot the DS, hold shift while it boots, and go straight into developer, run the DS and reproduce the issue, please report back with information about the versions, language, etc.

Greg McKaskle