Driver Station on a Mac?

For the last three years I used my trusty PC laptop for everything related to our robot. However, I now have a Mac because of a group of thrilling circumstances. I don’t have access to another PC laptop other than the Classmate, which I don’t really want to use.
Is there a way to get the driver station, as well as WindRiver, onto the Mac (OSX 10.7.4) using Wine or something else? I can always put a Windows get BootCamp or Parallels, but I don’t really want to. Any ideas?

Bootcamp is going to be your best shot. You want to put all of your computing power towards those programs, so an in OSX OS emulator won’t give you the power you want.

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Throughout the 2012 season, 1515 ran its robot on a Macbook Pro through Parallels. It worked just fine.

The DS software is not particularly taxing on anything - RAM, or CPU, so you are quite safe running it on a virtual machine.

However, I would argue for bootcamp not for the sake of the DS, but rather everything else. You may find using a partition to be a much more rewarding windows experience than using windows on a virtual machine.

The DS was primarily written on a Parallels laptop, and is maintained on one, so provided you figure out how to set static IPs, you should be fine. I keep boot camp on it too, for devices like the Kinect.

Greg McKaskle

ucpp is a project some teams use to build binaries for the cRIO with Mac OS and Linux machines.

We ran into some issues getting it to operate smoothly on Mac OS, so here is a fork that makes life easier.

I know this is a very old post, but when I run my DS on Parallels, and the network is not right. It should be on Wifi but not on Enet. So what should I do?

I’m not 100% sure how Parallels works, but I assume it simulates the network connection to Windows through a virtual Ethernet port no matter what the Mac is using. Does it still connect to your robot?

I’ve written a driver station that works completely save from joystick support, the blocking thing is that the library that I used for joysticks doesn’t run properly on macos. I can rig it to be able to build without that but you wont be able to actually control the robot

yes you are exactly right. So here is a description of how their network works ( and I tried to use the Bridged mode instead of the shared mode but it just changed the IP address and didn’t solve the problem.