Driver Station on MacOS

Hi everyone,
Our team recently purchased a MacBook Pro for our drive station because it is required for our Apple sponsorship. However, we cannot find a way to use driver station (application) on it as it is not officially supported. Are there any competition-legal versions of driver station for MacOS, or any way to emulate the software on Mac? Thanks

P.S. I am extremely new to using MacBooks.


Install Windows 10 via bootcamp:


Either install Win10 on that laptop or use a different laptop, what you’re asking for doesn’t exist in a way that’s effective.

It’s not just that it doesn’t exist in a way thats effective, it doesn’t exist at all in a way that is legal. It is a requirement that the DS used is the official DS, and that DS only runs on Windows.

Ah, yes. I was speaking to it more from a technical perspective (Wine could probably at least launch it) but you are correct in pointing out the much more important reason.

Use windows

We have an Apple grant this year. I wish that also came with new Macs.

As others have said, the only officially supported Driver Station requires Windows. You can install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp or using virtualization software such as VMware or Parallels (which lets you run Windows, and Windows apps, inside your Mac desktop). However, for best performance, I’d suggest just using Boot Camp.

I assume you are using breakout dongles for Ethernet and USB joysticks.

Although it’s already been said, I’ll explicitly recommend Bootcamp over Wine or anything else. I’ve used Bootcamp for 2+ years personally, and two months professionally and I’ve had no issues with booting.

Actually the sponsorship didn’t come with the MacBook, but we had to buy one to receive the sponsorship. It did easily cover the MacBook though. Yes, were going to be using dongles for everything. I’ll definitely be looking into bootcamp then :+1:

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the most Apple sentence I think i’ve ever read


Thanks everyone for your solutions, bootcamp worked like a charm. Still feels like a crime against humanity to run Windows on a MacBook though.


No, Apple user should be happy the Mac CAN run Windows 10 more like it. It’s just another PC with proprietary software same parts. Can you imagine if it didn’t… its not windows fault most programs run on it…I ran into this exact issue with iOS at work it cant run a lot of stuff. The OS should not matter its a tool.

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