Driver Station Power

I am throwing around the idea of using a dual monitor driver station. I know the drive stations have power for the classmate, but is their also an outlet to power the second monitor? Would this be possible at the competition?

You could use this

That would work, thanks. But i want to avoid having to pay for a converter. I just want to know if their is more than one outlet at the driver station, or what other teams are doing if using a dual monitor station.

There won’t be an outlet at the driver’s station.

You’ll get a classmate power converter. There will be no team-usable outlets–any outlets not taken by the three classmate converters on an end will go to field power or be otherwise inaccessible.

If you want a second monitor for some reason, you will have to bring the power to run it with you. It’s the same as for any non-classmate drivers’ station computer.