Driver Station Problems =/

Recently, some of the kids on my team were using the Driver station / Laptop and some how managed to get the top half of the driver profile to not show up when we log on as a driver… anyone have some suggestions to fix this?

we have been having the same problem unfortunately :frowning:

Would it be possible for one of you to provide a picture of what your screen looks like?

Most likely, someone clicked remote dashboard. When you’re using a remote dashboard, the local dashboard isn’t started. Go to the setup tab and chose local dashboard and restart the driverstation.

Our team had the same problem. We uninstalled the software and then used the back up flash drive to reinstall it.

Is there anything short of using the restoration key to solving the dashboard issue?.. I’m trying to stay away from losing the code on my classmate pc

Please don’t reflash to fix your Dashboard. That’s like an elephant stomping on an ant.

The Dashboard is just a program. Check the Driver Station Setup tab like Joe suggested. If it is set to “local Dashboard” and you’ve rebooted, then you can either install or create a new Dashboard pretty simply.

Some suggestions

I don’t know if you downloaded the classmate updates which are found here: (Just scroll down). But the update causes the top half of the driver station to dissapear. To fix that download the missing nicyapi.dll update to get that to return and that should fix your problem.