Driver Station Setup??

We were tring to setup the Driver Station today using the instructions provided by FIRST. We held the (down arrow) button down for way over the suggested 5 sec. We could not get to the screen to change the team number screen. The directions seem straight forward. We also tried various sequences ei… holding it down before the software loaded and during power up. But this was done only after the prescribed method didn’t work. Anyone out there have a sim exp.??

This is a stupid question, but it has to be asked: Did you update the Driver Station firmware first?

A followup question: What does the display say after the Battery: label?

I had the same problem till i pressed harder on the button. They do move quite easy but doesnt mean you have pressed it. It still works after you update the firmware. We updated before the bench test and it works just fine.

You know… How many times did I read “Update the firmware” on this site. And what’s the 1 thing we didn’t do.:o As far as the reply about the battery: Battery: N/A Also there is a ** OTB ** on the bottom of the screen.

Beware if you update the ds you have to update the cRIO too to able to talk each other.

As everyone else has said, update it. We were having that problem, gave up, then updated it. After updating, we were able to hold the button down to work.

Yes!! That will be our plan of attack Monday. Update the firmware. Any other tips anyone would like to share on this topic??:rolleyes: How about that “OTB” ??

When you load the firmware make sure to change the file name to the one specified on first website. It took us some time to figure out why the firmware didn’t load because of that mistake.

OTB = “Out of The Box”, this text will disappear as soon as you upgrade the firmware.

The “N/A” and “OTB” both confirm that you indeed didn’t do the firmware update. :o Oops.