Driver Station Unresponsive

We’ve just encountered an issue where upon launching the Driver Station softwre, the bottom half of the window, i.e. the actual Driver Station itself and not the Dashboard, is completely unresponsive. I can see the Voltage values flicker occasionally, but can’t click on any of the buttons. I can also drag the window around, so it’s just the program hanging.

Anyone else been seeing this?

How long does this last? The first thing the DS does is establish lots of ports and UDP and TCP sessions. Some of this is to ensure that another DS isn’t running and to try and resolve which is to remain open.

Anyway, I’ve seen the DS launch and take awhile to become active, and it is at the stage of opening the ports. The only time I’ve seen it take more than a few seconds was when my development version of the DS crashed and the OS didn’t close the ports. This caused subsequent opens to fail and the timeout on the open’s is long.

Greg McKaskle