Driver Station Update Version Number???

The 2/10/2015 Team Update has a mandatory Driver Station update. The Team Update mentions version number 06021500.

We downloaded and installed the update today (2/14/15), and the version number is 09021500.

Is that the current version number?

For practical purposes it’s always going to be the latest date rules.

06021500 = Day/month/year/00 or February 6, 2015

09021500 = February 9, 2015

So I’m sure it is fine.

I will agree with Mark and that that numbering system makes sense. However, yes the updated driver station does give that same number on my computers as well, 09021500.

Where can we see what version number is currently installed?

The Diagnostics tab (second tab down on the left) of the DS shows the version number.

Being not a software guy, it took me a little while to figure out that someone would create a version number that has year month day, in reverse order (least significant where most significant should be).

But yeah…once I figured that out, the 09xxxxxxx thing made sense.



(Now we have to change it so the mechanical guys don’t catch on…)