Driver station update??

Hello teams.
My question is: Is there an update for the driver station?

There is a Smart Dashboard update.

FRC C++ update

We’ve identified a bug in the C++ code that causes an issue for teams using the SmartDashboard with C++ which results in their code locking up unexpectedly. The bug has been fixed and included in an update posted here[below]. This update is strongly recommended, but not required. This update also includes a fix for the match time in the Driver Station class to reflect the 2014 timing, teams currently using GetMatchTime() with a workaround may need to update their code.

The current driver station is the one released at the start of Build season. Version That is still the one listed in the inspection check sheet. The FRC NI update suite installs it. As of today I have not seen anything different.

To be clear, this it is an optional C++ update that fixed things related to Smart Dashboard. The Smart Dashboard did not change.