Driver Station Weight Limit

At the Midwest regional, we were asked to let inspectors take pictures of our driver station and also weigh the entire setup, laptop joysticks and all. attached is an image of our driver station. I guess their concern may be with the weight of these setups with camera polls and the strength of the shelf supporting it.

We have never had any issues with ours through two regionals, but I can see the reason to be worried. All of our components are velcroed down to the DS and the DS is velcroed underneath to the shelf.

There was hint that FIRST was considering applying a weight limit to the DS, maybe 30lbs, the setup you see in the image was approx. 45lbs.

We are planning accordingly for worlds, and I was curious to see an update today regarding this matter.

Did any other teams experience this?

And they say that us FIRSTers never work out. Where’d most of the weight come from, the frame that the monitor is attached to?

I’ll admit, it’s a tad bit overkill, but we wanted to be sure that everything was secure.

We haven’t started any modifications yet, but I’m guessing the external monitor, and camera pole add some weight, but the rest is welded aluminum and lexan.

And, it is a workout carrying that thing…

No weight limit for the DS as far as i know. It does need to be safe and fit in a 60"x14" size limit

Ours is 13"x48", with an about 8’+ camera pole. There isn’t a weight limit currently, but I’m wondering if one will be added in the future.

If I wagered a guess, I’d say that the picture / weighing was more of an exploratory measure. It’s entirely possible that the RI was legitimately curious about your particular setup (which is impressive in its own right), but also possible that were informed to be on the look out for an “evolution” in DS to see how people accommodate the lever arm of a camera pole with the inability to attach to the alliance wall (Obviously excluding Velcro).
On a side note, man DSs have come a long way from my years of the dinky little Classmate, and I don’t even know much about them before then.

Updates out and no change.

Thursday - Tuesday is far too short for them to make any changes that aren’t emergency changes.

Nice unit!