Driver Station Window Snap Error

I recently updated my team’s driver station for this year’s competition. However, when the program is opened, the upper and lower windows do not “snap” together, instead overlapping each other. Is this normal, or have other teams experienced this problem as well?

I believe there is a button you can press to make this happen - I have not had much time to check out the new driver’s station this year but I would expect it to be the same. They look like two buttons next to each other each with a box inside of it (at least on last year’s DS).

Would that button be on the driver station or the dashboard?

Driver Station - Operation Tab - Windowed Mode

Above Team Station, below PC Battery.

On our classmate we’ve been having trouble getting them not to overlap even with it in the “snap” mode. It seems that if toggle the mode on and off several times, it will finally fit. It’s a little disappointing that they’ve gone to the trouble to fix the imaging tool for the classmate, but they haven’t gotten around to fixing the driver station CPU display or the snap mode issue.

The best advice I can give you to solve the Driver Station window overlapping is to create your own in labview. Create a new FRC Dashboard project and resize the components.

All right, I’ll give that a shot. It’s not a vital function, but fixing it will help with viewing the driver station components. Thanks to everyone who offered their advice!

The plan is to correct the CPU usage in the same update as the new log file viewer. Since the cRIO CPU wasn’t even available a few years ago, it wasn’t deemed to be that critical of an issue.

I have never seen the snap or float fail to work. Do you have steps to reproduce the issue, or can you give a screenshot of it when it is not working?

Greg McKaskle

Here are 2 screenshots: one with the driver station on top, and the other with the dashboard on top.

Hide your taskbar so that both windows will actually fit on screen and then re-dock the DS. Or boot into the “Driver” account where the DS is the shell.

Those screenshots were taken from the “Driver” account. Here’s what it looks like after hiding the taskbar. Also, the “window mode” button under the PC battery meter on the DS is unresponsive. Is that a glitch with the update, or just my driver station?

Interesting. In previous years the Driver account was set up to launch the DS as the shell so there shouldn’t be a Task Bar. That must not be the case this year.

Yeah, the DS worked fine last year. I’m not sure if other teams have this problem, or just mine.

It looks to me like the left button of Window Mode is pressed. Press the right one and the dashboard and DS will arrange themselves to the bottom left of the screen.

I can’t really say how the Driver account is setup, but it looks to me like the Driver account should automatically set the window mode to be docked.

Greg McKaskle

I noticed that too, but the button is unresponsive. If it is locked in the “non-snap” position then that would explain the issue. But nothing i’ve tried has fixed it–restarting the program and/or the computer, or reinstalling the update.

We’ve figured out our snap window issue. A while ago, we installed a fancy taskbar add in for windows that doesn’t seem to do a good job replicating the “hide taskbar” function. Now that it’s uninstalled, our windows snap perfectly!

Do you know which program that would be?

Anyone have any update on this? Our driverstation has the same snap issue. The right window mode button is non responsive.

This worked for another team:

  1. Login to the Developer account instead.
  2. Hide the Task bar
  3. Start the Driver Station
  4. Dock the Driver Station & Dashboard
  5. Exit the Driver Station
    *]Switch logins to the Driver account to see if that cleared things up.

Thanks Mark!
Worked perfectly!