Driver station won't run code

Whenever I Go to driver station after I deploy the code it detects the joysticks and communication but it doesn’t run the code while however it states the build successful

If I had to guess based on the cutoff error message, the version of CTRE’s libraries you’re using aren’t compatible with the roboRIO image you’re using.


Do you have the CTRE vendor dependency? Doesn’t look like it’s properly available to the robot code.


I’m sorry what is CTRE dependency

I tried finding an updated version of phoenix vendor library but nothing would pop up

I mean the Phoenix dependency, for Cross The Road Electronics

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Yes I am pretty sure

However if I didn’t how would I fix that

If the Phoenix Vendor Library isn’t working properly for you, try to re-download it using this link and pick the newest release.

You also might want to make sure your roborio is imaged to the most current release, if you haven’t done that already. Here’s the link for that. Imaging your roboRIO — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

Can you post the output of the “WPILib: Open Project Information” from vscode? I suspect the problem is not that Phoenix is too old, I suspect you are using the 2022 beta version with 2021 wpilib.

that might be the case lemme see

I already did that but I appreciate your help

FWIW, my experience has been that some of the CTRE links make it very easy (as in by default) to pull in the 2022 beta.

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