Driver Station

Do I need to make a driver station like this?

If so, what dimensions do I need to make it?

You are going to need something that velcros to the shelf and holds your laptop and any controllers because robots will hit the wall in auto and will send your controls to the floor if they are not secured(your drivers can go over the line to catch them but fast reflexes are needed and most drivers will be watching their robot not their controls). Something as simple as a piece of plywood with Velcro on the bottom with your laptop and controllers secured to it will do

See section 8.10 of the game manual for all the rules

Technically this year if a robot slams into the wall, something has gone terribly wrong.
That said, a Driver Station can be as simple as a piece of plywood with a spot for your laptop to hook in, and a place for either joysticks or your controllers to sit.

You don’t need to build a console. It’s just fun and can be convenient to have everything in one piece. Faster to set up, less fussing with cables. The flip side is that these can get pretty heavy if you go overboard.