driver visibility

My teams drivers are having trouble seeing our robot on the field. The robot is nearly at the hieght limit and the drivers still cant see it very well. Would we be allowed to build a stool or platform for them to stand on during the compitition? It doesnt say in the rule book or any updates. Thanks for all your help:confused:

I have not heard of anything that would prevent you from asking. Are your team members height challenged? If so, I think you could ask for some “apple boxes” to stand on. Be advised that if you are at a normal height, the driver’s station is a limited height. There are the team number boxes, clock and team lights that would obstruct your line of sight if you go up too high.

*apple box is a term used in stage and TV production to add height to objects or people. Typically about 4" high.

Be advised, this may fall under “competitive advantage” for the drivers. Go ahead and make the boxes, but ask first so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises.

Are your drivers really short? Because I am no where near tall, and I could see just fine unless the robot was behind other robots.

As for the legality of it, I don’t see why not. But definitely ask first to avoid any unwanted penalties.

I the rule you are looking for is <T22>.

If you are having a hard time seeing your bot, add colors. Certain colors are off limits such as the pink or green of the trailer. However, I think a bright yellow shouldn’t mess with the sensors and should be easy to see. You might want to check on this though. I’ve not worked with the sensors personally as I am not a programmer and do not really know if this would interfere or not.

Anyone else have a good color to grab one’s attention and won’t interfere with sensors?

If they have a disability which causes them to be short, then this rule would not apply.

We tried to have a driver bring a stool out in 06 at IRI, and it was denied because it provided an advantage, even though she was like 5 ft tall.

it would provide a huge advantages as you can see the location of the balls better.

hence why we werent disputing it, we just gave it a shot to see if she could

What about elevator shoes? I can’t see them denying that, any more than they would deny hearing aids to a hearing impaired person, or glasses to someone that is nearsighted.

If they are “height challenged” I could see a case being made with that rule…

Gets you another few inches! Plus they’re uh . . . . trendy!

Oh, just don’t forget to feed the goldfish!

For your discussion…
The only equipment that may be brought on to the field is the OPERATOR CONSOLE, reasonable decorative items, and special clothing and/or equipment required due to a disability. Other items, particularly those intended to provide a competitive advantage for the TEAM, are prohibited.

We painted the top of our robot blue (team color) and our driver and operator both said it was really easy to identify the location of the robot.