Drivers/Programmers tool bag for events

We’re trying to collect a “go kit”, or set of tools, cables, and gadgets that our programming team should have available at all times at FRC competition events. Any comments or additions to this list?

USB Stick - A usb flash memory drive “stick” containing:

  • latest FRC Game and Season Manual pdf
  • Your robot's most recent known good code (download tree or zip from your github the night before the event)
  • Latest NI Suite and RoboRIO image
  • FRC Radio Configuration tool
  • Latest WPILIB
  • Latest toolkits for all supported robot programming languages
  • Latest CTRE firmware and driver updates
  • what else?

TODO: URLs to the latest of all of these


  • USB type A to (standard) B for roborio imaging and arduino programming
  • USB type A to C for Spark Max configuration
  • 6 foot ethernet cable for pit testing
  • 25 or 50 foot ethernet cable for practice field use

Other Hardware

  • USB Hub
  • USB type C to A (female) adaptor for portless laptops
  • USB to ethernet adaptor
  • Extra joystick or gamepad?
  • ethernet switch. ideally battery powered.

Flash drives can be helpful.

Slightly different scope, but something to eat/drink. Having been on drive team, I did not eat or drink properly at any event and thats not smart. Having something there is very helpful, even if you need to force them to use it.

Have an empty flash drive or two on hand, along with a common cord for the teams phones. Never know when the drive station needs something that everyone just happened to need.

Batterybeak if you have one to spare for the drivers specifically. Zipties too.


For drivers: clipboard, pen, pencil, eraser, paper and a top view diogram of field. This is for making match strategys and making notes of how you liked working with other teams.

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I have recommended that team members download this to their phone, especially if they are in leadership or key positions.

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