Driver's station account on alternative laptop

I am sure this has been asked before, but, I want to use a Lenovo y560 for our driver’s station but I don’t know how it will work in competition without any dedicated user account for the driver that automatically starts and fullscreens the DS. Do I need to manually write a batch file to act like it does on the to-go PC or what? The laptop can control the robot fine on the regular user account.

In previous years, the DS wouldn’t connect to the field unless you were logged in as Driver. This was an attempt to simplify the support situation for FTAs and others at the events.

It was decided to open this up a bit, so at this point you can use any account you like. The buttons in the middle of the Operate tab will update the window position a bit.

Personally, I think the kiosk mode where the File Explorer and other apps aren’t running is still a pretty good idea, but it is no longer required. Your choice.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks for the help! How would I go about making a dedicated user account that auto runs the ds?

Our team’s using an alternate laptop as well, and we simply re-imaged it with the E09 Classmate image given to us by FIRST.

I searched a few times and found this

It isn’t the original instructions, and I’m pretty sure there is something more official, but at least the basics are correct.

Greg McKaskle

This process worked flawlessly* on our lenovo X61 tablet PC that we used to replace our now completely dead classmate.


*Driver Station and dashboard no longer take up the whole screen, but I think that this minor caveat is hardly worth mentioning.