Drivers' Station Camera Feed

I am trying to figure out if it makes sense to have a spot for a laptop on our drivers’ station in order to receive feedback from the camera. Are we allowed to have a connection to receive a visual from the camera at the drivers’ station and where can i find the rule that states so? I already looked at Chapter 3-Component and Data Sheets and Section 8 - The Robot, but I may have missed something.
Thank You

At the competition the camera feedback to the dashboard will be disabled thus this would not be possible.

hold on. I thought the rule said you could have a dashboard with camera feedback open during matches. The problem is the port the dashboard uses to get camera feed back will not be used during competition. However (this is mentioned in an update I believed) there are 948 byes in the standrd message packets avaiable to the teams. We can send camera data this way, but you will have to write a wrapper yourself> Also, it may bog down the network a little.

dpeterson is correct. It probably won’t be worth it, though.

Hmmm. The DS to Dashboard packets are fixed length and I’m assuming the same is true for the Robot to DS packets (I’ll sniff them tommorrow to confirm).

The DS to Dashboard packet is always 1018 bytes IIRC and filled with zeros (or maybe garbage) if you don’t send any user data.

I believe that UDP and a regular packet flow are used to insure that the packet flow for all 6 robots is both sufficient and equal. There are no layer 3 re-transmissions, although retransmissions may occur at the layer 1 radio protocols transparent to the layer 2 and 3 protocols.