Drivers station code “leaves”

Basically I wrote a method to actuate my cascade lift and whenever I hit the button to activate the code drivers station says the robot has no code. Several seconds later drivers station will “regain” code. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What’s showing in the DS log?
Are you talking about the enable button or the “cascade go” button?

It means there is something breaking your code. Please post your driver station logs or errors along with preferably any relevant code to get more assistance than that.

The robot losing code and then coming back several seconds later is a sign of the robot code rebooting (you can achieve the same effect from the Drivers Station UI using the “Restart Robot Code” button). Echoing the others up-thread, check the logs and double-check that the code is doing what’s expected.

Most likely your code is crashing with the code that you are trying to run like @AndrewMcb said. Please post your code and any errors, if you have gotten anything.

We had this issue and found out it was the code being disrupted by the Phoenix server we left runner

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