Driver's station - Consistency in construction

We wired up our electrical and in the process and were starting our Benchtop Operation test ( “Confirmation of LED status on control system while disabled” step two.

We then realized that the button to switch between teleop and autonomous was put in backwards.The system is in autonomous when the side labled teleop is pressed, and vise versa.

Did anyone else have their driver’s station assembled this way?

We haven’t seen that. However, we did notice that, on arrival, our driver station had a ton of scratches on the LCD screen. I rubbed my finger gently across the screen thinking that is was perhaps just dirt - and my finger left a nice series of scratches on it as well!

We cleaned the screen and then put a clear polycarb piece over it. If we’re going to use this thing for multiple years, it’s going to be pretty beat up pretty quickly. I almost wonder if they forgot to put in a piece of hard plastic or something to protect the LCD. I’ll know when I see our sister-teams driver station.

I had the same issue, but then I realized there was a protective film on the screen.

I haven’t heard of any other switchs being placed wrong.

our control system seems fine to us. we left our plastic film on just in case. control system is very robust as well.