driver's station DIO and joystick wheel

  1. I would like to connect a switch to the DIO of the driver’s station to enable our shooter. I’ve tried to look for an example in labview, but I didn’t see any. Does anyone have example code as to how to do this? I looked at the WPI libraries and it isn’t too intuitive as to how to use the driver station DIO vis.

  2. I also would like to use the analog value returned by the joystick wheel. Has anyone done this? How do you get this value?


See this thread

Read it like a joystick axis (like X or Y), but read Axis 3., as stated here

Do a little searching on the forums before you post :wink:


I did do some searching before posting because I thought I saw the answers to my questions before, but I couldn’t find them again. I think i was looking in the wrong spots. I’m not the lazy type so I wouldn’t post unless i did some searching first.