Drivers station problems

When we try to put new code on the cRIO our drivers station switches to WatchDog mode when enabled and the voltage of the battery goes to 0V. Can anyone help?

using LOLCODE will easily fix this problem for you

This means that the watchdog has gone hungry. You will need to feed it somewhere in your main loop or disable it.

OR did you mean that during the load process this happens? This is normal.

The LOLCODE thing is a joke, btw.

No that happes after we deploy code.

The LOLCODE thing is a joke, btw.

he is aware, he is on my team

Are you using LabVIEW or the Workbench? I know my team is using LabVIEW and we had ourselves opening the watchdog twice which caused a similar error. After going through some of our subVIs we found the extra open and got rid of it, and now it works. :smiley: I Hope that helps!

The watchdog must be fed!!! We had the same problem. We had the same wait time in all VIs in the Teleop code. We changed one of them to a faster time and then fed the Watchdog into that VI and the problem disappears.

Thanks to John Anderson for the help on this!

PS: We did not have the problem until we started using the control system at our practice session at Team 537 this past weekend. I suggest everyone check the watchdog in your teleop code.

My programmers have gone AWOL and we are having the same problem. How do I find the watch dog and what should I check for?

Needless to say we’re in a panic!!!

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