Drivers Station Setup

Can anyone link me to where it tells us which drivers station is R1, R2, R3, B1, etc…?

I assumed I’d be able to find it but I think asking CD but be faster…

If my memory is correct the numbers go from left to right as you are standing behind the alliance wall.

R1 B3
R2 B2
R3 B1

I think that red is usually on the left when viewing from the stands (opposite the announcer’s table and other misc stuff), but it also could very well be random depending on how the field gets set up at each event. Either way the field is symmetric so red vs blue shouldn’t matter unless you’re concerned about parents taking pictures or something.

Refer to Figure 3-17, at the top of page 26 in the manual.

The Arcade is rotationally symmetric.

When looking at the field from behind the wall, station 1 is on the left and 3 is on the right.

When looking at the wall from on the field, station 1 is on the right and 3 is on the left.

When standing at the scorer’s table, blue is on the left and red is on the right. (The intended setup is generally for the scorer’s table to be “in the back”, behind the field from the audience’s perspective, but depending on the venue there may be audience on multiple sides or it just might not fit that way.)

Going counterclockwise, starting from the scorer’s table, is R1, R2, R3, B1, B2, B3. This is the order the teams are on the schedule and the order the MC uses to announce teams (unless they’re doing something unconventional MCing that particular match).

If you arrive at the field and forget the positions, the team signs have tape markers indicating the station number.