Driver's Station Survey

I am designing a modular driver’s station for my FRC team, but would also like to make it adjustable enough so that other teams could use the design. To help me with the design criterion, I would really appreciate if you could fill out my short survey. Thank you!

It says I don’t have permission to access the form


Hey, sorry, I am having issues with the school’s permission settings. I’m fixing it now.

I can’t access it, maybe the school permissions are still on?.

Idk if this is just my setup, but im getting a “Resources Unavailable” error

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Permission denied error is still happening. Let me know if you need any help

If it is similar to my schools their is no way to open a document to the total public the most I could do would be with the entire school board. It would have to not be associated with the school boards system at all to be opened up more.

Do you have a personal google account you could make and send the form from?
See if you can access this. Made from school email.

That is good for me (your board is less strict then mine)

I went to the 3 dots, add collaborators, Blue Change, and had it set to anyone on the web (no sign in required). But without other stuff too, you would be able to edit the form.

If I do that I do not have an opinion to open to the web (most is everyone at the board can view)

@Aaron_Li I still get this

i just turned it off

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You don’t have ALL of these options?

Correct all I have is the ability to have anyone in the board with the link when I turn on link sharing it defaults to that there is no way to change it that I can find.

Send it from a personal Google account on a non school device


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