Driver's Test - Destination: Deep Space

Every year a few local teams ask me to make a rules test for their students who are wanting to apply for the drive team. I shared last year’s test on here and had hundreds of people and teams use it so I hope this year’s test will be just as useful!

Each season my mission with the test is to help teams find drive team members who are competent with the rules of the game, know the game’s lingo, and can think through various scenarios. It is designed to be difficult and covers the topics I would want my drive team members to know if I was selecting them. Questions are pulled primarily from the game manual but some come from updates and the Q&A. Feel free to point out if there are any mistakes or places where you feel more testing is needed and I’ll be happy to update it.

I’ve attached a word doc and PDF of the test below. Here is also a link to the PDF version online:
2019 Driver’s Test PDF

You can make a post on this thread or message me on here to get the answer key.

I hope this is of value to teams and good luck with the rest of your build season!

2019 Destination Deep Space Driver’s Test.pdf (127.8 KB)
2019 Destination Deep Space Driver’s Test.doc (180 KB)


Good afternoon! Would you please send me the answer key to the driver’s test for this year.
I appreciate it.
Mike Wolinsky
Mentor, Team 4150

Could I also get the drivers key

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I have created a robot simulation, which allows you to play this year game with a generic robot and to train and test drivers and there ability to control a robot.
The simulation contains the entire game and it is tested and maintained.
You can control the robot with any controller which works with your operation system.
Its very easy to use, and the simulations come with a full tutorial of installation and playing.

The simulation can be found here .

Ofek Ehset from GreenBlitz 4590.

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Hello I’d like to have the answer key as well, your tests looks very complete!

Could I get the answer key please?


great job on the test!!!

Great test! I found a typo though. Q22 is says “tech goul”.
Just FYI.

Dang it! I thought I caught everything. Thanks for pointing it out!

There were actually a couple other minor spelling errors so I made an updated version to correct those. Nothing has changed other than those few misspellings.

Here is the link to view it online:
Version 1.1 Driver’s Test

Attached are the PDF and Doc formats
2019 Destination Deep Space Driver’s Test.pdf (127.9 KB)
2019 Destination Deep Space Driver’s Test.doc (180 KB)

I too would like the answer key please.

I would like the answer key. Used your test last year as well, very useful!

Can you send me the answer key as well please.

I would like the key as well, thank you!

I would love the key as well!

I’d love to get the answer key, too. Thanks a lot!

Could I also get the answer key? Thank you for the time you put in to it!

Please send the Answer Key.
Thanks for doing this.

We used your test last year. Works great! Can we have an answer key for this years. Thanks!

I would like the answer key as well. Thank you very much!

We also used your test last year. May I get the key for this year’s test?


Awesome job.

May you please send me the answer key?
I’d like to have our potential drive team members take the exam soon.

Thank you in advance.