Driver's Test - Destination: Deep Space


Thanks a lot. I think this will really help make our driver tryouts/practice much better. Also, can I please have the answer key.

Thanks again, and good luck!


Thank you in advance.

Very nice test, great job.

Would love to have the key please.


key please


Would love the answer key!



Can i get the Answer Sheet


Can I get the answer sheet too? This test looks awesome!


I would like an answer key please


Thank you! Can you send me the answer key please?


Would love an answer key as well.


haha. I wonder how many “drive team candidates” are asking for the “answer key”. :slight_smile:


I’ve thought about that and decided that I don’t really mind. My goal is to help have drive team members that know the rules so if students are dedicated enough to be on CD and practicing tests then I think that isn’t a bad thing. Now maybe it is bad if they are doing it for the solo reason that they know this test will be used and they just want the answers. That’s why I think that drive team selections should be mentor decided and based on three things: The student’s involvement during the season, driver ability on a practice course, and rules knowledge.


The simulation doesnt work for me?


Adding to this, drivers should have human player history. Operators depending on how much they do.


Thanks for the test. Could you send along a copy of the answer key?


Thank You for this wonderful resource. May I have a copy of the answer key. Thank You


Hello! I would also appreciate an answer key :slight_smile:


Can I have the answer key, please? :slight_smile:


Can I get the answer key as well.


Hi Arevan! Thanks for putting this together. Can you send me your answer key? Good luck this season!


Hi! Could I get an answer key too?