Driver's Test - Destination: Deep Space


Would we also be able to have the answer key please?


Could a get a list of answers please.
Lisa Buckner


Could I get an answer key? Thanks!


Answer key please.


May I also get the answer key?


Could I get the answer key please? Thanks!


Can you send me the answer key?


Answer key please.


I was wondering if an opposing bot can touch a disabled bot? Letter d in question 20


The rule you are looking for is G17:
“If an opponent’s down, back off. Fallen (i.e. tipped over) ROBOTS attempting to right themselves
(either by themselves or with assistance from a partner ROBOT) have one ten (10) second grace
period in which they may not be contacted by an opponent ROBOT. This protection lasts for either
ten (10) seconds or until the protected ROBOT has completed the righting operation, whichever
comes first.”


How is “fallen” defined?


If it’s off the drivetrain and on it’s side? Like 330 in 2016?


Please send me the answer key. Thank you!


This is awesome! Can you please send me the answer key? Thank you!


Could I have an answer key?


Could you send me the answer key? Thanks


I found the answer key:2019FRCGameSeasonManual.pdf (5.6 MB)


Can someone DM me that key?


Great test! Could I please get the answer key please? Thank you!


I would like an answer key too please