Drivers using Google glass

So I have seen several highlight videos where teams had their human player wear a pair of the Google glasses to record video. Well this got me thinking about having the driver of the team wear a pair to display information about the match without having to look down at the laptop or hearing it. This information could include time left in the match, video feed from a camera on the robot, or telling what positions certain functions of the robot are in. Even hot goal detection could be done theoretically. Is this legal or even possible? And what are your ideas on actually doing it?

2014 R95:

Other than the system provided by the ARENA, no other form of wireless communications shall be used to communicate to, from, or within the OPERATOR CONSOLE.

Unless it is plugged into the driver station computer, Google Glass would probably not be legal.

(Obligatory disclaimer on how 2015 rules may differ)

$10 Cheezy uses a HUD next year…

Teams have been using HUDs since at least '06, off and on. 3 LEDs mounted onto a pair of safety glasses worn by either the driver or the operator or both can be pretty decent as a target assist in shooting games.

Any HUD, unless the 2015 rules change this, would have to be wired to the operator console, and plugged in AFTER automode (or put on after automode).

I’ve seen examples of this in the Aim High book, but never in person, and now seems like a good time to ask how they worked in terms of the lights being on safety glasses, but it being necessary to wear safety glasses all the time while still not wearing the glasses for the whole not touching controls thing.

As I recall the set I saw (294, if memory serves), it was a clip-on unit. Grab, clip to glasses, aim, shoot. Or else it was plugged in after auto (the other option), or the driver managed to switch safety glasses right away. I’d have to ask someone who worked with it.

Ours in 2006 had a cable from the safety glasses with a large phono jack that detached from the control board while the operators stood back during Autonomous, then were plugged in as the drivers stepped forward.

The glasses had an LED on each side that told the operator when the turret was aimed to far to one side or the other.
Both LEDs were on when the target was centered.

Thishere is something that I have been considering experimenting with before the build season. It is diy, involves 3d printing and allows for a live stream of either a camera feed or live variables.

Sometime before I started with the team in 2004, the TechnoKats had a set of “magic goggles” that connected to the driver station. Two LEDs mounted to a pair of safety glasses gave feedback on high/low gear (the control was a foot pedal toggle function) and something else I don’t know.

They haven’t been used while I was part of the team. Feedback of that sort is now implemented by using LEDs on the robot itself.

Yes! We used LED’s on the robot to tell our HP in 2011 which tube we wanted thrown out onto the field.

We used LEDs in 2013 to show one color when our shooter was turned on and another color when they were at the ideal speed. IIRC 341 and 33 did something similar in 2012.

254 did this in 2014 as well.

It is useful for all four members of the drive team to be able to see the same status signal without needing a bunch of wearable devices and cables. The approach helps to quickly diagnose problems in the pit as well. If you are sensitive to the other alliance being able to see it during competition, well, put it on the back of your robot.

How about a tall piece of lexan or something that is attached to the DS at a negative slope, with the bottom behind the DS laptop and the top hanging over it, high enough to be above eye level. A projector could plaster info onto the sheet, similar to the HUD on higher end cars showing RPM, Speed, Gear etc. on the glass windshield.

Are you allowed Bluetooth communication I only saw rules about wifi

I always felt the idea that ‘no other form of wireless communication’ from anything on a FIRST DS was sort of not entirely correct.

After all the display of the DS displays light and the driver’s react to that display. So you are communicating with the laptop via wireless communication. Just not RF wireless communication.

This will get interesting if anyone develops telekinesis. They’ll have to wear a Magneto helmet for the duration of the competition :smiley:

I just read the specific rules for last years competition and Bluetooth communication between the driver’s station isn’t allowed.

I think if you want a HUD then I think the best option without having to worry about the cords would be a projected HUD on the plexiglass in front of the driver.

Al actually pointed out once that the FCC had been unable to get telepathy classed as wireless communication. I’d guess that telekinesis is currently in the same boat.

Problem is, the Jedi won’t be available for another year or so… :stuck_out_tongue:

it is fun to have it , But I am considering in the electromagnetic radiation