Can there be 2 drivers, like one using a controller to drive and the 2nd using like a joystick to control the intake or lift

Yes, you can have 2 drivers and a human player.
We routinely have a driver and an “operator” to do exactly what you described.

You can also have 3 drivers (However having 3 drivers would mean not having a human player).

Section 5.5 of the manual:

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so i could have another person helping operate the robot at the exact same time

Correct, as long as it’s a student with the “drive team” button

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In the manual does it say this some where

Don’t worry too much over that. Almost all teams do this. A driver and operator is almost always necessary to control an FRC Bot. My team has always had a driver and operator, a coach, and a human player.

Alright, I was thinking it would be better so then the driver and focus on driving and then someone can control and work the intake and hatch panel manipulation system