Driverstation and other tools on linux

Hello! ive been recovering some old laptops in my spare time, and, of course, broke windows entirely. so i installed linux mint. is there any general tools i should install (other than the wine package) to let the thing run smoothly? i wouldn’t plan on using a linux machine with the FMS, but it would be nice to know if one of these would be a valid last resort machine.

I’m interested in this as well. I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop and am curious what FIRST software works for linux and what doesn’t.

once i finish the headache of getting all of the appropriate drivers, ill let you know what i come up with. im running Linux Mint 18.2, same base as ubuntu 16.04, i believe.

Basically none of the FIRST software will run properly on Linux.

You can use Qdriverstation to drive the robot. It works pretty well. Eclipse might work properly, but I’d recommend just going with a custom build system if you’re planning on using Linux for development.

We use Linux for almost all of our development, so if you have any questions about specifics, feel free to ask.

We’ve used QDriverstation and IntelliJ / GradleRIO on Linux extensively this year.

We have had some issues with QDriverstation (weird motor pulsing that seems like it might be flaky comms / motor safety?), but haven’t had any issues with development / code deploys.

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Eclipse doesn’t even work on Windows.

But in all seriousness, it ‘works’ on Linux as well as it does on Windows.

Would you mind describing your programming setup?


We use bazel to build our code. You can see the setup in our repo. There have been pretty few changes to that setup since we published our code.

We have a custom deploy script (hasn’t been published yet, since we wrote it during the season, but it’s not super interesting).

We usually use the standard FRC driver station on a windows computer to test our code, since we have a dedicated driver station computer, but I sometimes use QDriverstation when I’m lazy and don’t need joysticks.

Not sure how much this counts as our “programming setup”, but we also make extensive use of git, github (for code reviews), and travis CI (both for building and testing our code).