Driverstation Launch Smartdashboard/Shuffleboard hack

So as many people probably know Driver Station has an issue lunching SmartDashboard and Shuffleboard. What I have done is create a scheduled task to run a batch file. I create a shortcut for the task and launch that and it opens both things and you get a bonus of not having Windows ask if you “Do you want to allow this app to makes changes?”.

The steps I took are:
First set driverstation to Remote under Setup which is the gear icon on the left side.

Create a Batch file somewhere on your system that you won’t delete it. I use c:\

In the bat file type:

@echo off
start "DriverStation" "C:\Program Files (x86)\FRC Driver Station\DriverStation.exe"
start "SmartDash" "C:\Users\Public\frc2019\tools\SmartDashboard.vbs"

You can change the SmartDash line to launch shuffleboard.vbs instead if you want.
Save this file as Driver.bat or whatever you want just make sure to use that name later.
Creating a shortcut to this bat file will solve the problem but we can do one better.

Click your Windows start button and type Task Scheduler in the search click on it and when it opens click Create Task on the right side menu.

Then type a name like DriverStation
Click the Run with highest privileges check box
And click on the Actions tab

Click New… at the bottom to add an action

When the window pops up type cmd.exe in the Program/script: box
In the Add arguments box type
c/ start /min C:\Driver.bat ^& exit
This is assuming you saved your bat file there change as needed
Click OK

Click OK again to create your task.

Close Task Scheduler.

Minimize everything so you can see your system desktop and right click the desktop.
From the menu that pops up choose New and then Shortcut
Type this line into the box

C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "DriverStation"

Assuming your called your task DriverStation
Click next and give your Shortcut a name. I used FRC Driver Station

You should now have a driverstation that launches without the annoying windows popup and until we get an updated DriverStation program it will also launch Smartdash or ShuffleBoard or Both if you wanted.

If I missed anything to make this work let me know I think I remembered everything.

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@auscompgeek Thank you for that. I should have looked up how to do code on here but it was late when I posted this.