Driverstation on rapsberry pi?

I was just going to try making a little box that you plug joysticks into and then it would connect to a robot and be able to control it. Does anyone know how to put the driverstation onto a rapsberry pi 3?

The Driver Station software unfortunately only runs on Windows, and the RPi is ARM and not X86_64 / x86. So not only do you have an operating system mismatch, but also a platform architecture mismatch. If you want a portable box that badly, a box like an Intel NUC probably makes the most sense.

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I fully second this. Latte Pandas and Intel Nuc are both small portable x86 machines capable of running Windows. Either should serve your purposes, albeit for a bit more than $35.

I’ll point out that it may be possible to use something like QDriverStation to control an FRC robot from a non-Windows machine. However, since the rules require the official driver station, something like that would only be viable for demos, not competition.

Since QDS has been mentioned, I will note that it has known bugs (your robot will not operate as expected even after accounting for differences to the official DS), is abandonware, and has not been updated for changes to the roboRIO in recent years.

Do not use QDriverStation.

2 Likes is an option. No idea how functional it is, or if it will even compile on the RasPi, but worth a shot maybe.

yeah I was looking at that but it doesn’t support robots past 2015

that looks promising. If anyone has more information on it it my be helpful. In the meantime I’ll look into it.

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