Having Problem Updating Drive Station with Firmware. Went to FIRST to get update software and the file has the following Name (nov1_usb10secfix_etc_dsud_pkg) 2250 KB. I renamed as DSUD_PKG.BIN. Went through the procedure to update using a LEXAR JumpDrive 2.0 and get to Select Bottom and push it the Driver Station just goes back to the beginning screen. Team, Mode, System and Battery Status.

That typically happens when the DS can’t find your file on the jump drive. Are you certain the file name is DSUD_PKG.BIN and not DSUD_PKG.BIN.BIN?

The update file name from the website is actually nov1_usb10secfix_etc_dsud_pkg.bin, not nov1_usb10secfix_etc_dsud_pkg. Your Windows Explorer may be hiding file name extensions. Check Tools >> Folder Options…, and then the “View” tab and make sure “Hide extensions for known file types” is not checked. Then recheck the file name to be sure it doesn’t have two "BIN"s.