Drivetrain 1727

Is there any reason why you chose to mount electronics so high up?

That’s probably the most interesting electronics set up I’ve seen this year. Would you care to tell us what else goes on the robot?

nice direst drive

Last year we had a solid board running the length of the robot that filled the middle area in the kit bot frame. It quickly became a huge mess of wires and such, and was a nightmare to deal with. The year before that (Aim High) we had a small two tier design, which worked well. This year we brought it back, but had to expand the size a tad to get fit pneumatics and such on.

That’s probably the most interesting electronics set up I’ve seen this year. Would you care to tell us what else goes on the robot?
Our device is going to go right in front of the electronics panels. It will have a small footprint on the robot, but it will be quite tall.

To protect the electronics panels we are going to use lexan and have sponsor logos + goodies on it. It should look pretty slick. :slight_smile:

nice direst drive
Thanks. The frame is welded as well. Everything there totals 48lbs, and that’s everything it needs to drive around. Lifting it is effortless :slight_smile:

Video coming soon too!

ok that makes sense… thats actually pretty cool idea! GREAT JOB!

I like the setup, its open and easy to work with. Alot of teams who design space saving electrical boards don’t realize their boards great until it gets buried under some amazingly huge manipulator. Then the person with the smallest hands is forced to work on the electronics. Personally I like big spacious clean boards, If weight permits lol.

I would have liked to see it turn more with those slick looking omni’s, but it was otherwise great to see your smoothly-running drivetrain.
I also love the tiered electronics; is that just a shaft running through it at each corner?

We will get some more videos up tomorrow hopefully. We can get some pretty fun drifting going on with the almost frictionless floors and the omnis :smiley:

It’s just threaded rod actually, not the most stable but we are adding more support. The actual platform is wood covered in red vinyl for aesthetics.

Hopefully by the end of the week there will be some working device video too… hopefully… that’s if it’s all done

Also, in addition to the other things zim2411 said, the drive motor for our arm lifter fits in between the layers of the electronics boards. We could have put the upper board directly on top of the highest point of the lower one, but then the motor/gearbox would have to be moved up. Aesthetics get sacrificed for keeping the center of gravity low.

Neat wiring! Great job!

What did you use to transmit power from the shafts to the wheels?

More pics:

looks great, the only thing that i think needs to be addressed is the length of the wires, it looks like you have a lot of long wires (lots of extra weight) but other then that its nice :slight_smile:

That is my comment as well. If you could bring the upper deck down a little closer, you’d be suprised how much you could reduce in wire, or possibility relocate the items that require the heavier gauge wire to the lower deck. Other than that looks great, we are trying double deck board this year.

Yeah, but the motor for the device actually fits right in the gap. Electromagnetic interference? Puh! :wink:

Right now the wires are a tad longer than they need to be because the layout isn’t finalized. For instance, we had to shift a spike + the RC around because the radio serial cable extended past the size limit for the robot. :]

Andy Mark 500 key hubs mounted to the inside of ifi wheels, so the wheels are keyed right into the shafts of the transmission.