Drivetrain characterization

I am trying to run the drivetrain characterization tool and I seem to be doing something wrong. Am I supposed to connect to the robot wifi or is it supposed to connect to the network tables own it’s own? I don’t see anything in the instructions that says you need to be connected to the radio.

We need this question answered as well! Please notify me when you figure this out!

You need to connect to the robot’s WiFi and then press the “connect” button in the logger tool. This button will connect the characterization tool to network tables running on the robot.

This is the button you’re looking for:

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


The tool will cause your robot’s wheels to spin. If the robot is on the floor, the robot will go a LOOOOOONNNNNG distance - so wireless is preferred. Final characterization should be done on the floor, preferably carpet.


Thanks for the clarification! We got it working but I feel like our data is a bit off.

Any ideas as to why it looks like this?

Noisy encoders, plus it looks like something weird happened to your signal during the reverse quasistatic test.