Drivetrain is Having Issues When Testing

Just to get this out there: we use command-based programming, mecanum drive, an elevator + fixed shooter, and all of our auto code is in ExampleCommand.

We’re trying to drive forward up to the hub, stop moving, shoot both balls up into the upper hub, then move backward out of the tarmac. I’m not sure the best way to do this so it ended up being very messy and unorganized, I apologize for that in advance.
The issues we’ve had are listed here:
half of the wheels aren’t moving in the direction they’re supposed to even though they were inverted
When the wheels are supposed to move forward 30 inches the wheels just jerk forward for a moment then stop
When the robot is supposed to be reversing the wheels constantly switch from spinning one way to the other way and we can’t figure out what might be causing it

We were thinking of possibly using while statements but we’ve seen a few things saying that they shouldn’t be used in frc, so I’m not sure if we should go for or avoid them.

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