Drivetrain not working coding help

So I’m trying to program the drive train. I have a differential drive system with the 4 motors plugging into PWM 1, 2, 3, and 4. The motor controllers are a solid orange which means they brain sees them but they aren’t being controlled by the controller. I have attached my GitHub to this thread if anyone could help.

I don’t see where you are setting your Drive command to run automatically. Where is that set up?

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Also, noticed a pretty obvious paste-o here:

Oh thanks for the catch but that still wouldn’t cause the error not moving.

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Where would I have to call that? I have the subsystem and commands set up, how would I go about putting that in the or

While you could technically do it in either, I think it is typically done in RobotContainer. Look at the examples. The RomiReference is nice and clear.

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