Drivetrain Type Data

I’ve been collecting data for the past two weeks in this thread, but given it’s reverting back to it’s original subject I figured I’d start a new thread for week 3. First of all, here’s the current data for week 1:
If anyone has data, the following events are missing:
Albany (GA)
Kettering 1

And here’s the current data for week 2:
And the following events are missing:
Great Northern
Johnston County
Kettering 2
Mount Olive
Orange County
Ventura County
Finally, here’s the full season breakdown. Note that % Reported is currently somewhat messed up as no week 3 data is in yet:

Drive Train Stats.xlsx (17.8 KB)

If you have data for any week please post it here whenever you have a chance.


For LI1 (and 2 ofc), we (2872) are running tank drive. We do have some data collected from Bethpage’s invitational but we’ll have complete data after Monday.

Data Monday is great. I’m just making this thread now to get ahead of anyone posting early week 3 data on the other thread.

Starting to put together Week 3 data:

Looking at this incredibly large sample size we can clearly see that week 3 is the least swerve heavy week so far. (/s)

I’m also still missing a lot of week 2 and some of week 1 if anyone has data for any of these events:
Week 1:

week 2:

Thanks to everyone who has reported over the past two weeks.

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Arizona East: 16 Swerve, 20 Tank, 1 Other.

Playoff matches: 16 Swerve, 8 Tank. 1 backup robot called in (Tank)

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25 Tank
20 Swerve
8 Mecanum
1 H Drive

Playoff Matches: 16 Swerve, 7 tank, 1 mecanum

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In the New England Waterbury event, there was only one robot that did not use tank or swerve; team 5142 had a butterfly drive.


You could probably hit up spectrum for their Waco scouting data, I know there were other teams that did pit scouting but I cant remember them unfortunately.

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Heartland Regional

Swerve: 17
Tank: 17
Mecanum: 2

we didn’t get around to pit scouting all the teams, so some of this is just off of memory


FiT San Antonio

Swerve: 19
Tank: 24

Swerve: 17
Tank: 7

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Kettering #1

Swerve: 13
Tank: 22
Mecanum: 4

Swerve: 11
Tank: 13
Mecanum: 1

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@AllenGregoryIV Do you have data on drivetrain types for Waco? And also possibly Channelview as it looks like Photon was there?

Okay, I just got back from our competition and now have wifi on my computer again so here’s the current data:

For Week 3 we’re just over 20% of teams reported and interestingly it is still light on swerve. no event had more swerve than tank drives. I’m guessing this will equalize a bit as more data comes in:

And here’s the season data. Every week actually does have more tank than swerve:

Again, if anyone has any data for any week, please post it here.

Miami Valley Regional:

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I forgot to add the actual spreadsheet file:
Drive Train Stats.xlsx (19.3 KB)


Got some ballparks for Los Angeles:
1x tank tracks
I want to say 3 mecanum, maybe 4.
I’d have to double-check the swerves, but about a dozen offhand.
All remaining were some variation of wheeled skid steer, heavy on the KOP side of things.

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We (4269) did switch to tank for our matches on Saturday. Somewhat uncertain but leaning towards keeping it right now.

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What is “other”?

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