Drivetrain Type Data

Here’s the current data for week 3:

and for the season:

Also, here are the teams missing for LI 1:
And finally, here are the missing events:

Week 1:
Albany (GA)

Week 2:
Great Northern
Johnston County
Kettering 2
Mount Olive
Orange County
Ventura County

Week 3:
Bonney Lake
Central Illinois
Fort Worth
Humber College
Mecklenburg County
San Francisco
Springside Chestnut Hill
Traverse City
Western NE
Western Univ. Eng.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted data.


FNC Mecklenburg County:

Tank: 18
Swerve: 8
Mechanum: 1

About half this data came from our pit scouting, the rest was gleaned from watching match videos, but I think it is pretty accurate.

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Thanks for doing that.

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Fim Muskegon data as follows:

Mecanum: 4

I can provide the breakdown if you’d like as its all in our pit scouting.



Central Illinois Regional:
20 swerve
9 tank
3 mecanum

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Here’s the current data for Week 3:

Also, the season data:

And here’s my current spreadsheet:
Drive Train Stats.xlsx (27.2 KB)
I have data for a few individual events missing specific teams in the spreadsheet so if anyone knows drivetrains for those specific teams please let me know.

FMA Springside Chestnut Hill
31 Teams
14 Swerve
14 Tank
3 Mecanum


527 has a Jump/Butterfly drive, just saw their bot at LI2 yesterday.

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Mount olive

Warren Hills



1- H Drive
2 - Mecanum
12 - Swerve
23 - Tank

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FiM Midland:


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Arizona West: 14 Swerve, 26 Tank, 2 Other (Mecanum).

Playoff matches: 13 Swerve, 10 Tank, 1 Other. 1 backup robot called in (Tank).


There’s a flaw in this data collection. There is a difference between kit bot and someone that went to the trouble of building a tank drive. It would be interesting to see if we going to create a class of swerve vs. kit over time.



There are a lot of ways to split up the “tank” division between kit bots, custom 6wd/8wd/Xwd, kit bots with different wheels, kit frames with different gearboxes, shifters, omnis, etc. There is a vast spectrum of different tank drivetrain approaches, some KOP derived and others completely custom.

This data survey is simple: Tank, Swerve, Other. It doesn’t need to be more detailed than that; the drivetrain type is the interesting metric being followed here.


So one thing I have been thinking about is multiple event teams skewing data. So since Tallahassee is done we have every Florida team’s drive train.

So for Florida the count was:
38 - Tank
23 - Swerve
7 - Mecanum
2- H-Drive

This might be more useful at the end of the season since I feel teams attending multiple events (outside of the district system) are more likely to have more money thus make the investment into swerve and we may not get a feel for the true representation of number of teams with each drivetrain.

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This data collection initially started in The Fall of the House of Tank Drive. At that point I was really mostly looking to get minimally biased data on swerve v. tank. You’re right that this data isn’t super specific. However, it ultimately gets down to the goal of seeing how many teams are using tank v swerve. Also, the more specific information I try and include the fewer events I’ll actually get data for. Finally, I think it could actually get somewhat difficult to set a hard boundary between what is a KOP vs. custom drivetrain. (The Andymark wheel upgrades to go to 8 wheels or change wheel diameter probably count, but the mecanum wheel upgrade is pretty clearly not tank so can it be KOP but not tank?) Generally I think it’s easier to quantify the end result hitting the carpet than the manufacturing method. I fully support you going and trying to seperate that yourself and all of the data I have* is either in this thread, the thread I linked above, or the spreadsheet which I’ve been sporadically uploading here (I’ll put together a current data post tonight). I recognize that this data is a very low resolution view, but to me it was more important to get a low resolution view of as many events as possible rather than looking at fewer events in more detail.
*I only seperated North Shore data to the three categories, but if you want it in more detail I’m happy to put that together for you.

Funny thing about that. @jdunston94 has been working on putting together some stuff through the TBA API to build up a spreadsheet by team and get more accurate percentages. Unfortunately, something like that really requires automation to be able to pull all of that data. One of us will probably reach out at some point on this thread to get data by team from those who have it, but if you are able to send it now that would be great.

Thanks for the data.

Data Time!
Here’s the current season data:
And Here’s Week 4:

Also DCMP (Note that the team numbers are pulled from the game manual since teams aren’t in TBA yet):
Israel has generally been more swerve heavy than average. I suspect that the District Champs numbers will go down as more are filled in, although it also seems likely that most DCMPs will be higher than their district average. (I should add in averages for the districts).

FIM Troy 1
Swerve - 19
Tank - 22
Mecanum - 1

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I should have a preliminary sheet up in the next day or so. We were competing at west michigan this weekend so I ran out of time to pull it together. Once the form is together, I can start getting peoples team data in. Per blue alliance, there are 3325 teams competing this year.

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