Drivetrain Type Data

NE Greater Boston:
Tank: 21
Swerve: 17
Mecanum: 1

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FiM Lakeview 1:

Swerve 18
Tank 20
Mecanum 2

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@jdunston94 has a spreadsheet together and I’m filling in drivetrain type by team, so if anyone has data by team and hasn’t posted it here yet, please post it in this thread.

I’ve filled in with all the data on CD. Here’s the current summary page:
This probably won’t be the final page, I just made it quickly to get a general idea of the data for now. I’m not going to be posting this spreadsheet yet.

I’m still looking for data on most teams so if anyone has data with individual team numbers please send it to me.

@MARS_James Do you by any chance have data for Florida teams you can send me?

Beyond this, do you want like specific team numbers associated with each drive because I do have that as well as how well they did in the tournaments.

Just tell me what you need and I can provide it (most likely)

I’d like specific team numbers with drive trains. jdunston94 built a spreadsheet that should take care of everything else.
Thank you!

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This is quite telling on the future of FRC. I think new teams are going to keep with KoP tanks for the foreseeable future…until swerve reaches the masses in affordability. Motors can’t be helped…those are going to be what they are price wise. and with the cost of the combo motor setup ranging from $76 for NEO and NEO550 on MAXSwerve, and $96 (2 NEO)-$420 (2 Falcons) per corner…I don’t thing tanks are going away for a bit. Then add in the about $300 per module…and encoders…the price is what is going to keep the Tanks around. MAXSwerve has the best intro price per corner total. Then there’s the wheel/tread cost for both.

Of course the coding for new teams for both with SDS and similar having the steepest learning curve…while MAXSwerve having a steep learning curve…not as bad as SDS with the cheat they provide for alignment. Which MAY interest new/newer teams to swerve.

Ventura County Regional:
Swerve - 25
Tank - 19
Mecanum - 2

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Thank you! Do you by any chance have data by team you could send me? I’m trying to collect that as well where possible to be able to compensate for multi-event teams

This is just from our scouting data and I’m on my phone so apologies for spelling and bad formatting

|4|West coast arcade drive|
|2102|Tank drive (west coast four falcons)|
|2710|West Coast with two falcons on each side, front mounted gearbox|
|2813|Swerve falcon|
|3328|West coast|
|3512|Swerve neo|
|3598|West coast tank drive|
|3759|Tank drive|
|3863|Swerve with neos|
|3880|Swerve neo and falcons (sort of)|
|3925|West coast|
|4160|Swerved falcons and sims|
|4481|Swerve neos|
|5136|Tank drive|
|5274|6 wheel pneumatic tank drive|
|5678|West coast|
|5869|West coast tank|
|6060|West coast|
|6398|Mechanum |
|6764|Mechinum wheels|
|7323|Tank drive neos|
|7327|Tank drive|
|7607|Tank drive powered by sims|
|8006|Swerve neos|
|8533|Tank drive|
|9084|Swerve falcons and neo|

Thank you; that works.

That’s an interesting move.

Here’s the current data:

Also, the current data by event:

Not seeing much of a difference between the two right now, although I still have a lot of holes for both. If anyone has either generic numbers by event or specific team’s drivetrains please post them here. I’m particularly missing Indiana data, but anything is helpful.

I just went through to check what I’m missing for individual teams and I’m missing teams for all districts except for FIRST Chesapeake and all regionals except for Los Angeles and Ventura, and the FL regionals. I have most of the data for Miami Valley.

I’ll edit in a list of events where I’m missing generic data later.

Drivetrain data for the Wisconsin Regional

Wisconsin Regional
Swerve Tank Other
29 15 3

I’ve always considered Wisconsin to be a competitive regional (most teams competed at least once before, and only a handful have this as their only regional) , and this data on what drives made it to playoffs I think shows that pretty well:

Swerve Tank Other
21 4 0

Gathered from memory or watching matches and double check with WarriorBots public scouting data. (From my understanding this public data was not the same as their data and was collected by new members and members from other teams.)

2 discrepancies from my “data” and WarriorBots public data:

  1. 7915: from watching it looks like tank, but WarriorBots public data shows mecanum. I left it as tank as it drove like tank with omni wheels on the corners; I’m assuming the omnis caused a misunderstanding for a newer scouting member.
  2. 93: 100% is swerve (source:I’m drive coach for this year and we had a match with them), WarriorBots data shows mecanum. Likely a just a misclick.
Number Name Drivetrain Type Details Playoff Position
93 NEW Apple Corps Swerve SF
537 Charger Robotics Swerve SF
706 Cyberhawks Swerve SF
930 Mukwonago BEARs Swerve SF
1091 Oriole Assault Other Mecanum N/A
1259 Paradigm Shift Swerve N/A
1306 BadgerBOTS Tank N/A
1675 UPS (Ultimate Protection Squad) Swerve N/A
1714 MORE Robotics Swerve W
1732 Hilltopper Robotics Swerve W
1792 Round Table Robotics Tank F
2062 CORE 2062 Tank N/A
2077 Laser Robotics Swerve N/A
2194 Fondy Fire Swerve N/A
2202 BEAST Robotics Swerve F
2358 Bearbotics Swerve N/A
2506 Saber Robotics Tank SF
2512 Duluth East Daredevils Tank N/A
2830 Riverside RoboTigers Swerve F
3067 Robovikes Swerve SF
3197 HexHounds Swerve SF
3418 RoboRiot Swerve SF
3596 Rocket Robotics Tank KOP N/A
4786 Nicolet FEAR Swerve SF
4787 Axiom Tank N/A
5096 The Teutonic Force Swerve N/A
5148 New Berlin Blitz Swerve N/A
5822 WolfByte Other Mecanum N/A
6017 PrepaTec - Cyberius Swerve SF
6160 Bombatrons Swerve Backup
6223 Arsenal Engineering Other Mecanum N/A
6381 Red Raider Robotics Swerve SF
6421 WarriorBots Swerve SF
6574 Ferradermis Swerve SF
6643 Walden Robotics Tank N/A
7417 Bionic Bombers Tank N/A
7900 Trial N’ Terror Tank N/A
7915 Ripon Robotics Tank N/A
8029 Steel Bronco Robotics Swerve SF
8096 Cache Money Swerve SF
8122 Mechanical Mustaches Swerve SF
8188 Grand Force Swerve N/A
8531 TermiKnightors Tank N/A
8802 Milwaukee United Swerve SF
8803 MechaMarines Tank N/A
8847 Milwaukee Cyber Cheese Tank W

Buckeye Regional:

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Monterey Bay Regional:

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We once again swapped from mecanum to pseudo-tank after our (I think) third qual match. We had fixed our field centric code for mecanum for this event, even adding a function to allow us to climb the charge station better, but a problem with our arm code that was frustratingly only present on the field led us to switch, once again, to defense. :upside_down_face:

Some numbers from FMA Bensalem:

-20 tank/8 swerve/1 mecanum

-Of the 20 tanks, only 12 were kitbots

-Swerves were all COTS, 7 of which were SDS variants. Full breakdown was 4 MK4i, 2 MK4, 1MK3, 1 Swerve X (non-flipped). One of the MK4i teams was a rookie (9094)!

Overall, while I don’t have data on/haven’t been to every event in FMA, I’m willing to bet this was the lowest swerve distribution event in the district (and it might be by a good margin). This is in part driven by having four rookie teams at a smaller event (only 29 teams; all others were at least 31), but a striking number of our non-kitbot tank teams also happened to register for this event.

I have data by team, so I can post selection results if desired.

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If you can at least post by team in numerical order that would be great. If you have the data by alliance selection I’m guessing there are people who would be interested, but I haven’t been tracking that.