Drivetrain type/treads

I am very curious what drive trains teams are building. The poll is for drive train type, but I would also like to here tread patterns.

Oops, I forgot to put the kit tank tread option.

I put other tank, because none of the others describe our wheel configuration. We have two 4" 2015 kit wheels, four 8" 2010 kit wheels, and four 8" plaction wheels with pebbletop tread. The frame is the 2015 KoP chassis with the new wedge (on order). There’s not enough room in the chassis to fit all of these wheels end-to-end, so we have them in two planes. The four 4" wheels are near the end of the drive shafts, the eight pebble top wheels are about 5" ahead and behind this but inboard, and the eight slicks are about 5" ahead and behind those, back in the planes with the 4" wheels. We expect to test drive over the passive defenses tomorrow.

We are using the 8" Plaction wheels with wedegtop tread. We threw the ideas around of both the Plaction wheels and the 8" pneumatics but ultimately opted to use the plaction wheels. We deduced that with our drivetrain there was not that much difference in balance and stability and with the space of our chassis it would be better for the thinner wheels.

Holy wheels!

Modified Kit chassis. I didn’t see an appropriate poll choice.

I think that could be tank other. I tried to think of most possible drive-trains, but couldn’t anticipate them all. Basically I am trying to get an idea of wheel configuration and type.

Nice configuration on the modified kit BTW. I would like to see the release video on your robot.

Sorry for the horrible grammar and spelling on the poll guys. I made it very late at night and I’m not a very good speller to begin with.

I wonder how you would categorize this robot?

Pit scouting should be entertaining this year with all of the different drivetrain types. I think my stock response to the question “Why are you using yellow tires?” will be “Because they are lighter”.

I chose “Other Tank”, wasn’t sure what the best selection was for 14 wheel drive (traction treads btw). :rolleyes: