Drivetrain Weight

How much do your robots’ drivetrains with electronics and pneumatics weigh? This includes everything needed for the robot to drive around but excludes manipulators. Obviously it’s game dependent for how much weight you allot for the drive train, but how heavy is a heavy drivetrain and how light is a light drivetrain? What’s the heaviest drivetrain you’ve built? The lightest?

Our kit drive base, with pneumatics and a 1/2" ply belly pan was about 50 lb. That surprised us, but seems to be about average for teams that don’t optimize heavily. The bright side is that it’s all low weight - exactly where you need it for stability.

We’ve ranged 35-70 pounds (including controls) in the past few years, with 35 being a light sheet metal, four cim, eight wheel tank drive and the 70 being a quadruple PTO six cim wcd that consisted the majority of the robot. Neither of these had significant weight issues. The last time we had significant weight issues was with an octocanum with 4 16 pound drive modules.

In the past our drivebases, with only motors and encoders for electronics (no roborio, battery, PDP, etc) weighed around 40lbs. For the next year and beyond we’re looking more at 27-30lbs max as we move to superior manufacturing methods and design choices. 26-27lbs is our target for a WCD, 30lbs for a swerve drive. Figure an extra pound per gearbox for shifting, or 34lbs for a swerve drive and 29lbs for a WCD.